The third installment of a trilogy is always a thrilling proposition. Followers of the project finally get to see how everything wraps up and ties together. Additionally, loyal fans get to binge the entire thing for the rest of time. We have almost reached that point with Saint Slumber. As you recall, their YOUTH project has already seen two EP releases, YOUTH//1 and YOUTH//2. The band announced a couple weeks ago that YOUTH//3 is arriving soon, and shared first single “Mantra.” Next week they’re dropping the music video for the track, but in the meantime they gave Substream an exclusive peek behind the curtains of the making of the music video.

Seemingly mirroring the more somber message of the final installment in their trilogy, much of the promotion around this EP has the band in black and white. This BTS video is no exception, as we see the band setting up on a huge blank soundstage preparing for the video shoot. It appears blindfolds will play a large part in the music video, as we see multiple members of the band and the actress featured in the video wearing them. This is a behind the scenes, so of course there’s a little bit of humor. Who wouldn’t want to take a selfie during a music video shoot?

“Mantra” is out now on streaming platforms, and we can’t wait to see what the music video looks like and how the rest of YOUTH//3 sounds. While we wait, check out the BTS video below.