Kenyan-American producer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Christian Kuria Mesnard — performing simply as Christian Kuria — has released his latest single, “Enemy.”

The single is a glimpse into Kuria’s R&B/soulful side, and is a welcomed glimpse at that. Having previously gained notoriety via his neo-soul-gutiar videos on Youtube, as well as covers of contemporary music such as “Young, Dumb, and Broke” by Khalid, Kuria began releasing his own original music in the early parts of 2019.

Later in 2019, Kuria was  invited to join Cautious Clay on his fully sold out tour of North America, which then lead to the release of his debut EP, Borderline.

Now, starting with “Enemy,” he plans to release two more tracks throughout the rest of 2020 and has no plans of stopping or slowing down.