We haven’t been shy about our love for Half Waif. As our recent review will attest, Nandi Rose Plunkett’s form/a EP is one of the absolute best of the year. Our thoughts on that won’t change come the end of December.

Today, the Brooklyn artist has shared an Emily Dubin-directed video for form/a single “Frost Burn,” and much like the track itself, the visuals are beautiful. Set in two different locations, Plunkett reflects on the past within a home and amid a snowy landscape.

“The music video for ‘Frost Burn’ was filmed at the same house and property where it was written, which is a house in the Berkshires, the region where I grew up,” Plunkett tells Paste, where the video premiered. “Emily and I decided it would be a good idea to return there to shoot, since the lyrics deal with confronting the past.”

Check out the video below.

“We took the line from the chorus — ‘and on my island / I cannot keep out all the violence’ — and used that to guide the imagery,” Plunkett further explains to Paste. “We wanted to convey the idea that even when we try to build our own personal islands to protect ourselves from our past, ultimately the violence of our memories cannot be shut out. So there’s the brewing of tea—an act of comfort and coziness—that overlaps with an outdoor picnic in sub-zero weather. And there’s the fort built with blankets, a physically protective structure, that feels hollow and childish in the context of adulthood. In the video, I get to revisit the house where the song was born, while simultaneously reflecting on revisiting my past in that very area, where the woods and the cold and the sweet New England houses trigger so many memories. Standing on the edge of a frozen river in nothing but a dress, internal and external weather assaulting the body and mind.”

Half Waif Tour Dates:
3/28 — Montreal, Quebec @ Vitrola
3/29 — Burlington, Vt. @ Arts Riot
3/31 — Baltimore, Md. @ Joe Squared
4/01 — Richmond, Va. @ Strange Matter
4/02 — Raleigh, N.C. @ King’s
4/03 — Washington, D.C. @ DC9
4/05 — Boston, Mass. @ Middle East Upstairs
4/06 — New York, N.Y. @ The Silent Barn
4/07 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ Everybody Hits

form/a is available now through Cascine Records.