Touring can be a brutal thing for those unprepared for it. The lack of sleep, constant travel, and constant stress can severely impact both mental and physical health. At the same time, it can be a highly rewarding experience that shapes you as a person for the rest of your life. The upcoming documentary Get Better – A Film About Frank Turner examines Turner’s experience with this very issue.

Made by Ben Morse over the course of a year, the film examines both the highs and lows of Turner’s journey as one of the most prolific touring and hardest working musicians around. It sounds like the movie will be must-see viewing both for fans of Turner as well as anyone who has lived the tireless tour lifestyle.

Turner himself will appear at four screenings of the movie, listed below. While there he’ll participate in a Q&A with Morse in order to grant even more insight into his life and and work. You can grab tickets for these screenings here. The film is being distributed by Xtra Mile Films and Polydor Records. The documentary will be available on DVD at some point, but a specific date has not been disclosed yet.

Frank Turner Get Better