At the beginning of October, Swedish artist Be The Bear (Christina Wehage) teamed up with Chicago producer GOLDHOUSE (Grant Harris) to release the catchy single “Ruler.” With lyrics about being in charge and two production wizards on the instrumental, “Ruler” was never going to be anything other than a bop. The duo have now unveiled the lyric video for “Ruler,” and it contains the same energetic vibes as the song.

The lyrics are presented simply in the music video, with the classic bouncing ball running across the words at the bottom of the screen. This is good, as you wouldn’t want your attention drawn away from the spectacle happening in front of you. The “Ruler” video stars a number of dancers showing off their moves in front of an array of vibrant lights. Be The Bear herself is also part of the music video, and her every move is captivating. Part of the lyrics include the line “no mercy for anybody,” and Be The Bear embodies that ethos in the video. She stares directly into the camera as she sings, proud and boastful about being the titular ruler.

If you need an energy boost this afternoon, the “Ruler” video is for you. You can watch it above.