Social interaction is a huge part of our experience on this planet. Even for those of us who are introverted, we need some connection with people in order to make it through. There’s nothing better than sharing your joys and triumphs with those around you and having a shoulder to lean on when things aren’t going your way. This search for acceptance starts within ourselves, and can branch out from there. Asbury Park’s Rachel Ana Dobken has perfectly articulated this idea on her new single “Everybody Wants,” off her upcoming album When It Happens to You. We’re incredibly excited to premiere “Everybody Wants” right here on Substream.

Dobken does an excellent job telling a story not just with the lyrics on “Everybody Wants,” but in the music as well. The track begins with an emotional pallor over it. A somber piano plays as Dobken sings about the desire to be welcomed into a group, but not having it yet. As the song progresses and she realizes that this acceptance starts from ourselves, the music grows warmer. She crafts an incredible rock ballad here, the horn section mixing with the tones of her guitar to create a truly moving piece of music.

Dobken explained the story behind “Everybody Wants” to us, saying “”This song is about the desire that everyone has to fit in and be loved…the contemplative journey one goes through in the search of love & happiness and what needs to ‘click’ in order to let that happen. Ultimately, it is not about getting but giving and being that produces what one desires!”

You can listen to “Everybody Wants” below (you can also listen through Spotify here). When It Happens To You is set for release on October 24, and Dobken will play at Rockwood Stage 2 in New York City the same night for a release show.