In the Summer of 2019, Eli Frank decided it was high time that we all pack up our shit and get ready for our first real trip with Winnebago Vacation. They released their cinematic debut album, Camp Somewhere, on August 20th via Lonely Ghost Records and created a world that felt lived in, loved, and longed after. Camp Somewhere is one of few records that feels more like a destination than a listen. Listeners are immediately swept up in the goings-on of this new, albeit familiar, frontier. There’s an immediate and all-encompassing warmth that radiates from the low-hums of the vocals and harmonies, the hazy and dream-like keyboards, and the delicately sparse guitar work that allows for even the breaths between words to feel integral to the story. The album is breath-taking, and I couldn’t be more excited to share the music video for album highlight, “Savings,” with y’all today.

When asked about “Savings”, Frank states that, “‘Savings’ explores our cultural obsession with the accumulation of wealth. Some people become obsessed with money to the point where it replaces human relationships and isolates them from reality. It makes their world very lonely because they’re removed from a world that most of us live in. Finances are a constant struggle and most of us put a huge amount of effort into just getting by, but there’s some camaraderie in that. I think this pandemic has shown how there needs to be a real change in wealth distribution and how our country is run. Those who hoard their money while people struggle to know they can’t hold onto it forever.”

The music video for “Savings” is dream-like and hazy; taking us on a journey through six years’ worth of scattered memories from the b-roll brain of director Jake Morse. When asked about this choice, Jake explains, “I wanted to capture candid moments in my life that I simply happened upon, and felt should be recorded. The song inspired me to collage my work to overlap in a way to show how I envision memories resurfacing. Some moments hold major significance, while some are simple. Similarities in even small or random memories can tie together events that may not share any other obvious significance.” There’s a sense of purity and warmth to the nostalgia of these memories that effortlessly ties them to the emotional backbone of “Savings” that makes them feel like two halves of the same whole. It feels almost like the highlight reel of our time at Camp Somewhere, our destination Winnebago Vacation.

The music video for “Savings” can be found above. Winnebago Vacation’s Camp Somewhere was released in August of 2019 on Lonely Ghost Records and can be purchased here.