The Unlikely Candidates just wrapped up a co-headlining tour with Brick + Mortar, and are back to releasing new music. Last week, The Unlikely Candidates premiered their new single “Bells” on Fox as part of the network’s Thursday Night Football first listen campaign during the Indianapolis Colts and New England Patriot game.

Now, the band have officially released the track for fans everywhere to listen to the dark and catchy single. “As a man walks through the crowd on his way to the gallows, he thinks of how he got there, what he’s become, and where, if anywhere, he’ll go once he reaches the end of the rope. ‘Bells’ is the ballad of the dammed,” explains The Unlikely Candidates’ Kyle Morris. “It’s about how pain, shame, and the law of man are all things of this world that are stripped away in the light of the last real truth. That we must all meet Death as a friend or foe…naked, alone, and carrying all that we have done in this life.”

The new single follows the previously released single, “Best I Ever Had,” which of course came after they released “Oh My Dear Lord” from the Danger to Myself EP re-release. The Unlikely Candidates have kept up with singles, but have not put out a  new collection of songs since 2017 when they released two EP’s, Danger to Myself and Bed of Liars.

If “Bells” and “Best I Ever Had” are indications of where The Unlikely Candidates is heading, we should all be counting down until they releases new music.

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