Today, pop-rock trio A Story Told have announced that they will be releasing their fourth full-length album, Mundane Magic, on October 20th. It is the follow-up to their 2021 album, American Made.

“’Mundane Magic’ is the best way that I could possibly sum up this musical journey that the 3 of us have been on for years,” says vocalist Alex Chaney on the upcoming album. “A friend once told me that the industry is a pendulum. You leave relevance as quickly as you found it.”

‘Mundane Magic’ is about the journey to arriving at this resolution of outlook,” he goes on to say. “I’ve struggled with the band being a public measurement of my success. I’ve struggled with the thought that – maybe not everyone deserves your vulnerability. But to hell with that! As much as I’ve poured my life and difficult memories into A Story Told, it is 100% necessary for me me, and to our fans that I share the fact – that I’ve fucked those memories out of my life.

To go alongside the announcement of Mundane Magic, A Story Told have unveiled a new single, “My Place.” The song follows a handful of previously released singles such as “Love It Here” “Have You Ever Met God?” and the title-track to the new album, “Mundane Magic.”

‘My Place’ is a staple in the narrative of ‘Mundane Magic’,” says vocalist Chaney. “It’s about the ‘moment’ where you decide to create your ‘place’ of inner well-being and begin to focus on the things and people that truly bring value and meaning to your life while eliminating (kicking out) the noise, the things, and people that don’t. I think when you do that, life reveals a new and exciting mindset & opportunities you weren’t able to see before.“

Listen to “My Place” below and keep your eyes out for more news from A Story Told coming soon.