beabadoobee (Bea Kristi) made some waves last year with the release of her debut EP Patched Up. With solid guitar riffs and some inventive songwriting, the 18-year-old has shown a knack for crafting songs that’ll speak to anyone who remembers the joys and challenges of childhood and its end as we approach adulthood. “If You Want To” was one of the standout tracks of Patched Up, and beabadoobe has now released a music video to go alongside it.

Going with the theme of Patched Up, “If You Want To” starts with a house call from the doctor. It seems beabadoobee hasn’t been sleeping at all, and no one can figure out why. The beginning set is structured almost like a stage play and is quite cozy, but things quickly get weirder. The pill the doctor prescribes for sleep turns Bea into an animated skeletal system, and whether its dreams or hallucinations, the set begins to change. Bea and her band play the song in a cramped rendition of her bedroom that switches between flashing lights and simple pencil outlines of the surroundings. Each visual trick and turn is as interesting as the last, making “If You Want To” an engaging watch.

You can check out the video for “If You Want To” after the jump.