LeRiche has got music running through his veins; he recalls being captivated and stretching his little fingers over the strings of a guitar before he could walk or talk. There’s always been a magnetic pull towards the craft that felt too much like the universe tapping him on the shoulder and saying “this is what you’re meant to do with your life.” That drive and love for music are evident throughout all of his work, but the collection of songs that make up his upcoming X-Dreamer EP are some of the most emotionally provocative and truly captivating to come from the young artist.

Today, I’m excited to share the music video for a new song called “River Runs” with y’all. The song itself stays true to who LeRiche is as an artist; a delicately picked and bouncy acoustic guitar blends into the beautiful vocal melody to create an experience that is both ethereal and inviting. You’ll be swept up into his brand of sonic heaven in mere seconds, and the accompanying visuals are worth just as much of your attention.

The video was shot on film for aesthetic purposes and the pull quote portrays a complicated love story that they boil down to a “twilight zone love-triangle” between the two protagonists (a young man and woman) and a mysterious older gentleman, but I can’t shake the feeling that there’s something much more pure about the story being told here.

When I watch the video, I see the older man as the male protagonists present self. He’s only able to see the female protagonist as the young woman that he fell in love with, and the rest of the video is like projected memory. I could be totally wrong here, but when a video is this open-ended, everything is up for interpretation.

When asked about the video, LeRiche said: “When we started discussing treatments for the River Runs visual I was really hoping to get something that stood out as an editorial on the inner workings of human experience with memory. The complexities of our memory can often be too much to handle, but the song itself shines a positive light on the fact that the past is something behind us (not to be forgotten) and there is always something to take and carry with you from these experiences. The song has a mysterious element to it and Charlotte Rabate (director) has done an excellent job of pulling at some heartstrings and setting a fire to your imagination at the same time.

X-Dreamer is out November 24th. Pre-order your copy here. You can find the music video for “River Runs” above.