Alec Ryan is a singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN. Earlier this summer, he released a soulful, piano-pop written EP, titled Pen. It’s been described as the soundtrack to one’s life. This release could be the background music to walking down the street on a sunny day, what you would expect to hear in the title sequence a popular sitcom, or at the conclusion of a romantic comedy. 

Pen is the intimate follow up to his 2019 release Paper. It offers a breath of fresh air to listeners who are seeking something different from the overproduced sound of current pop music.

Ryan and the band recorded Pen all on their own in a house in Denver, Colorado. Their goal with this EP was to bring stories to life in their rawest, truest form, presenting a style of piano-pop that lovers of classic singer-songwriters will love. 

With everything from the EP’s production to the name, Alec Ryan stays true to his organic songwriting roots, offering a journey that takes the listener along for the ride as he explores both life’s high points and times of soul-searching. 

With this release, Ryan’s listening base is expected to grow as his music finds a home with listeners worldwide.