LA’s own Big X returns with a powerful new single and video for Gore.

“More recently I have been writing music about the darker corners of humanity. One of my recent music videos got demonetized due to graphic violent images and themes. This time around, I attempted to express violence without showing blatant violent images. Gore is a return to the reptile brain.” – Big X

“At one point the entire world seemed to be up in arms against violence, while throwing their own into the mix under the auspices of virtue and justice. Gore is my message to a world, centuries deep into their desensitization. Somewhere along the line, through my deep love for film and pop culture, I have become goddamn obsessed with violence. Be it Chuck Jones or Takashi Miike; pain, torture, revenge and hate are all presented under the flag of glory. The song boils down to this basic notion: you love it and you know it.” – Big X

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