Sometimes a music video or song comes along that is so tranquil that you can just lie on the floor and listen to it for the rest of eternity. Dirty Projectors have given us both today with the release of “Little Bubble” and its accompanying music video.

The video finds a bearded David Longstreth singing in a variety of beautiful and peaceful, natural settings. Adam Newport-Berra served as Director of Photography and co-director with Longstreth on the video, and he truly captured something amazing in the scenery. The song itself is a synth-fueled slow ballad, with Longstreth mourning, “We had our own little bubble for awhile.” By the isolation felt in his vocals and displayed in the video, it’s apparent he alone occupies that bubble now. Watch the video below:

Once you stop crying, you can buy “Little Bubble” on iTunes. Note that the iTunes title is “Little Bubble (Edit),” which gives us hope that if and when it appears on an upcoming album we’ll get an even longer version of the track to enjoy.