Q&A with SINK IN

Tell us about SINK IN’s origins and what drove you to what you do today, musically speaking?

SINK IN – We formed via random meetings while touring in our former bands. Cobrette and I met when our old pop punk bands played a show together in a backyard. I knew the ginger on stage right was a serious musician when someone started feeding him burgers by hand from the grill that was sitting side stage while he continued to shred. Many months later, I sent him a blind Facebook message and asked outright if he’d leave school in Memphis to come home to PA and make an album. We were in the studio less than 2 months later. We met Josh at a show in the middle of NOWHERE Illinois. He was the metalcore guy putting on a serious show while playing poppier hooks. All of our first interactions just felt right. We knew something was there.

It’s great that you just see where this takes you and what happens. We know touring is a thing of the past for most of us right now, but I’ve heard you put on a pretty crazy show. Can you elaborate on those rumors and explain the bands approach to the live shows?

SINK IN; We all grew up in music scenes that thrived on high energy shows. With Cobrette and I being engrained in the Lancaster, PA scene and Josh traveling in the Midwest metalcore scene, we knew how to turn a basement show into an atmosphere that felt like you were playing on a massive stage. I think that we try and bring that basement show mentality to bigger stages. Just because the lights are brighter doesn’t mean you can give any less effort.

What can you tell me about the new music? Or, are you trying something new? Seeing as how every band on Earth had 2020 essentially off, we’re curious to see what impact that had on your music.

SINK IN; Our “genre” has been very vague from the start. That has allowed us to constantly push the boundaries. I think our new music has simply taken those boundaries, and pushed them a start further on both ends. Writing during quarantine really allowed us to sit down and say, “Okay. How far can we go? And how can it still sound like Sink In?”

Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! and I’m so excited about this video.

“Here is the most off the wall music video you will see from a scene band this year. We guarantee it. Get your pirate hat, this song is called Swim!”  – SINK IN 


Video produced by Jean Paul Light



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