An Uninvited Films.

Hailing from Brooklyn, rising new artist Cartier J makes his worldwide introduction with the release of the trendy new visual for his buzzing new song “Revenge.”

In the new visual, the young, fly and flashy rapper hits the neighborhood in hot pursuit of a beautiful love interest that plays hard to get. While on the prowl, Cartier J raps about chasing the dream with trendy verses like, “I’m chasing the bag so I got to go harder./ All these diamonds I’m gone have they gone be dripping like water./ He talking all this smack before I poof him no Harry Potter.”

“Revenge” is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan of Cartier J. The emerging act has been attracting a lot of attention with the previously released buzzworthy track “I Thought.” Critics say, “Cartier J’s witty wordplay which creatively complements his unorthodox flow, he could quickly develop into a musical icon…”

J’s new visual prepares for the forthcoming album release, expected in 2022. “Revenge” is available everywhere via Out Loud Recordz. For everything Cartier J, follow the new artist on social media.

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Watch the new visual to “Revenge” below.