Serving as a reminder to remain true to yourself, Corbin Giroux delivers a propulsive anthem for everyone fighting to be themselves with “Middle Earth.”

Most of us are raised to be two things at once. We are told that we should be ourselves but also that we need to fall in line. It would be best to find what makes you happy, but you also need to get a job. Everyone wants something from you, but you should be yourself at all times. These messages may seem conflicting, and that’s because they are, but that is part of being human in the world today.

These often confusing messages can leave you feeling lost. As soon as you feel like you might know something about who you are and what you want to become, society tells you to work. Many people never have time to find what sets their souls on fire because they are never afforded the luxury of free time. Instead, those poor souls grind their bones and spirit to dust participating in the slow churn of capitalism. It isn’t fun, but it does keep a roof over their heads (and the heads of people they care for).

When life gets like this, it helps to know that you are not alone, and Corbin Giroux has the perfect song to remind you what matters most in life. Check out the world premiere of “Middle Earth” below:

“Middle Earth” is the perfect self-discovery anthem for people who feel overwhelmed by the burden of existence. The track pulls from Giroux’s experiences to deliver a vividly detailed portrait of someone trying to balance who they are with what they must do. It’s a song about finding a way to make all the forces in your life coexist without losing what makes you special. If you can relate (and I know that you will), there is no reason to resist clicking on the video above.

We get a lot of offers for song premieres. Like, way more than we can every post. What separates an artist like Corbin Giroux from the others in our inbox is authenticity. We knew nothing of Corbin before hearing “Middle Earth,” but from the moment the song begins, nobody can deny that it’s the creation of someone being their true self. Corbin is showing the world the part of himself that others try to hide and that vulnerability only makes us love him more.

Corbin is poised to take over the world soon. Please don’t say we didn’t warn you.