Idle Wave is an up-and-coming pop-punk band that developed their sound in basement shows around the Asbury Park local music scene. Ultimately, through their experience, they have a polished sound that mixes the more garage-rock sides of Weezer with heart-felt lyrics similar to The Wonder Years.

Idle Wave departs from their college project Flammable Animals, the band — consisting of Guy Battaglia, Kevin Houston, Joe Enright, and Matt Herman — shifted their sound, starting with moving from basement recordings to getting into larger live rooms and amps with the help of John Ferrara (Trophy Scars) at Portrait Recording Studios.

The band previously released their latest song, “You Caught Me,” earlier this year. The song is one that puts pressure on the conversation regarding guilt and false accusations lyrically, while musically it takes you to a place of 2000’s pop-punk nostalgia. Idle Wave holds up a mirror of self doubt, making for a nostalgic while also unmistakably current reliability.

Below you will find our exclusive premiere of the music video for “You Caught Me.” The video shows Idle Wave singing as they, quite literally, get caught by the police and are shoved into the back of police cars.

“‘You Caught Me’ is a response to an all too familiar feeling. That burden of guilt felt even when you had no part of the incident. That isolation that comes from it, and how it leads to society’s attraction to simply defaulting to the negative and casting out someone for having different ideas. Trapped without a voice while the audience picks apart your words and rephrases them for you, only to toss you aside right after to make room for the next victim,” explains the band.

Outside of “You Caught Me,” their self-titled EP as a whole hones in on depression and the idea that things are out of your control, albeit not beyond repair. You can pick up the self-titled EP from Idle Wave when it sees its release on December 1st.

Upcoming show:

DEC 1 Idle Wave (EP release show)
(w/ Skyeline / Roderick / Pollyanna)
Asbury Park Brewery
Asbury Park, NJ