I had the chance to catch The Spill Canvas play a stellar set at the Roxy with The Juliana Theory on November 1, 2019. Before the show, I connected with singer/guitarist Nick Thomas and we planted the seed for this piece which ranks Bon Iver’s studio albums. Enjoy the fruits of our labors.

4. I, I (2019)

SW: Shot through the heart and you’re to blame.

NT: Wrong Bon, Scott.
SW: Shit, Nick. Shit. I was jovial till you pointed that out. Breathe, Scott. Breathe. I, I need to do so.
NT: ANYWAY, we need to talk about Bon Iver. This is the band’s newest record and I haven’t spent enough time with it to love it as much as the others.
SW: We agree.
NT: I see what you did there. “I, I” like it.
SW: Haha. This album sounds like an acid trip.
NT: Agreed. Heady. All over the place. Many layers.
3. 22, A Million (2016)
SW: Were there 22 layers? Or were there a million layers?
NT: Actually, there are six-hundred-and-sixty-six layers… Surprised you missed that equation.
SW: My bad, bro. I need to lay off of that moon water.
NT: I personally have never drank the moon water.
SW: Thanks for being so honest.
NT: Of course! This is Bon Iver’s electronic and futuristic record. Auto tune is quite prominent here.
SW: Modern Iver.
NT: Rustic and futuristic at the same time.
SW: I like that!
NT: Same. I like the “out there” lyrics. It’s a solid homage to the past while moving into the future.
2. For Emma, Forever Ago (2008)
SW: We moved into the future forever ago.
NT: Clever girl.
SW: I’ve told you so many times, man. My name isn’t Emma, man.
NT: Clever man.
SW: You blindsided me!
NT: This record blindsided me! I love it. It is his flagship album and established the legend of his stature.
SW: Cabin. Mono. Wisconsin. Lo-fi.
NT: Exactly! Classic indie rock. I gravitated towards his capacity for vulnerability.
SW: There are no creatures to fear with this album.
NT: Agreed. 2008 was a great year for my band and for music.
SW: I mean this album was definitely low fidelity.
1. Bon Iver (2011)
NT: This self-titled is album is not a wash and is my favorite Bon Iver record.
SW: Girl, same. I love the full band element that he brings.
NT: It bloomed and evolved perfectly in a crazy layered melodic fashion.
SW: Grammy winning!
NT: Uge.
SW: Uge. The world felt that he came out of nowhere with it. But really, he never (Beth)/rest(s).
NT: Solid way to end this piece by referencing my favorite song from this record!
SW: Thanks, Mr. Thomas. See you in Minnesota, WI!
Listen to Bon Iver. Listen to The Spill Canvas.