Hailing from Flint, Michigan, rising recording artist, Kilo Paris, 22, discovers his hit-making sound and becomes one of the most popular in Hip-Hop, simultaneously, becoming a most sought-after new talent with an accumulates of over 100,000 views. Surviving the pandemic on the opposite side of the music industry crisis, Kilo Paris embarks on 2021 with the popularity to change his life, all he has to do is continue to be himself.

The “Cocky” creator is energetic, crafty and trendsetting behind every lyric that spits from his lips. A style that took him five years to develop and become one of the genre’s current go-to sounds. “The outlets that have opened up within the last five years have given better opportunities for an artist like me to build their brand on their own instead of knowing you have the talent and having to sign 75% of your life away to a label because that’s the only way you feel you can be heard by a major platform,” he reveals.

Last year, Paris rode a wave with the release of the hit song “Imagination,” while his other two standouts “New Guy” and “30 Minutes” established anticipation for his 2021 album release. For updates on the forthcoming project, follow Kilo Paris on Instagram.

Watch Kilo Paris’ new video for “Facetime” below.