Austin Fillmore has been a hip hop fan for much of his life. You can hear such on his recent collaboration track “U Lie I Cry” with Remy Prosper that just came out this past Friday. Check it out right after you take a gander at his list of the ten hip hop songs that he believes will live forever:


  1. “Rapper’s Delight” – The Sugarhill Gang


AF: Let’s start with the first rap song!


SW: Now what you read is not a test, I’m writing to the beat.


AF: This song is the very beginning of hip hop music becoming a mainstream phenomenon.


SW: Something like a phenomenon.


AF: Wrong song, haha! I remember hearing my parents bump this and I was amazed.


SW: I still am. The beat don’t stop until the break of dawn.


  1. “Dead Wrong (feat. Eminem)” – The Notorious B.I.G.


AF: That’s right. “Dead Wrong” is probably Biggie’s best lyrical performance of all time.


SW: It certainly showcases a lot of dirty words.


AF: It’s vulgar as hell, but it puts you in the mood.


SW: And don’t forget about the equally as vulgar Eminem.


AF: Biggie will always be the GOAT to me. 


SW: Relax and take notes!


  1. “Hail Mary” – 2Pac


AF: This song will never die.


SW: Come with me!


AF: Pac’s deep vocals with Bone Thugs’ rap and melody style makes for a great classic.


SW: 1996 was a good year for music and a sad year for 2pac.


AF: Very much so.


SW: When they turn out the lights, I’ll be there in the dark.  


  1. “Excuse Me Miss” – Jay-Z


AF: I remember bumping this song every day sophomore year of high school.


SW: When you were a sophomore in high school, I started my first stint at a senior citizen home. Anyway!


AF: I would usually listen to this song right after Shania Twain’s “Forever And For Always”.


SW: Props to you for disclosing such. You don’t often hear Shania mentioned in the hip hop world.


AF: No lie! I had them on the same mixed CD.


SW: I miss those. Excuse me MIX.


  1. “Roll Out (My Business)” – Ludacris


AF: Word Of Mouf was the first rap CD I ever bought.


SW: I went to school in Michigan when this was released. I feel that what you just said applies to MANY in that area.


AF: The entire album is hot, but when this song came on, you couldn’t tell me shit.


SW: It was a huge record. Fun fact: I once saw Luda perform five songs at Angels Stadium of Anaheim after an actual game ended. 


AF: I’m sure he played this song.


SW: Many would’ve rolled out if he didn’t!


  1. “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” – Kanye West


AF: It’s hard just choosing one Kanye song for this list.


SW: I’m sure Kanye would agree.


AF: This one always has me feeling invincible.


SW: But homie, this is my day.


AF: Graduation!




  1. “Lollipop” – Lil Wayne (feat. Static Major) 


AF: Lollipop!


SW: Lil Wayne! 


AF: This song is a HIT and can always set the vibe.


SW: I like that.


AF: Every song he’s ever made is a vibe.


SW: I saw him with blink-182 and Neck Deep months before quarantine. The audience mostly agreed.


  1. “Started From the Bottom” – Drake


AF: Just like Lil Wayne, everything Drake does is fire.




AF: This song broke him into god-level in my opinion.


SW: He could’ve used that power when Jimmy Brooks was shot.


AF: (silence)


SW: (pauses) I just love Degrassi.


  1. “Ms. Jackson” – Outkast


AF: Outkast doesn’t ever need to be explained. If you know, you know.


SW: I am for real.


  1. “Grindin” – Clipse

AF: Let’s top this list with “Grindin”.




AF: If you grew up in my era, this right here was the beat that everybody would emulate and freestyle to.


SW: Grindin. Freestylin’. Pharrell.


AF: As a freestyler at heart, I gotta go back to my roots because if I play this joint, it’s go time!


SW: Throw that chair.