There’s an exhilaration that comes right before a big moment. It’s the sense of excitement before the drop on a rollercoaster. It’s the day before you start a new job you know you’ll love. There’s nothing like that feeling, with some nervousness combined with pure excitement. Pop artist ANNALIA has taken that excitement and turned it into her stellar new track “Hold My Breath.”

The cover art for “Hold My Breath,” covered in bright colors and butterflies, is a pretty good representation of the track’s sound. The beat is light and airy, with just enough of a kick to get you moving. The highlight comes on the chorus. ANNALIA builds up and up and you’re expecting a huge blast of sound, but “Hold My Breath” suddenly retreats into a softer, lower gear. It’s entirely unexpected, and the change of pace works to grab your attention.

You can listen to “Hold My Breath” below.