Today, The Juliana Theory have announced that they will be releasing a new album, A Dream Away, on March 26th via Equal Vision Records — their first new album in over 15 years.

The band continue to release new music, after they first surprised fans with their return just this past fall. For A Dream Away, The Juliana Theory — consisting of Brett Detar and Joshua Fielder — took a look back at some of their most beloved tracks, and chose to reimagine them through a new perspective and a modern, fresh lens.

The first taste of these reimagined versions comes today, with a stunning stripped back version of their seminal single, “If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?” from their 2000 album, Emotion Is Dead. Listen to the reimagined version below, and head here to pre-order A Dream Away from the band when they launch at 2:22pm EST today, February 22nd.

When I was a kid I used to wait in anticipation for new episodes of MTV’s ‘Unplugged.’ I loved how artists would sit on stools in an intimate venue and perform their otherwise electrified songs on almost entirely acoustic instruments. At its best, ‘Unplugged’ versions of songs could outshine the ‘official’ versions,” Detar says.

When he and Josh were asked to do an acoustic tour in 2019 – the tour that led to their ultimate comeback – the duo began to strip back and reimagine their most well-loved songs much in the spirit of ‘Unplugged,’ laying the foundation for A Dream Away. He continues, “It was a very fun challenge to try and honor the pure, creative spirit these songs were originally made with while building upon the acoustic foundation with mellotrons, pianos, glockenspiels, woodwinds, and a healthy dose of strings. I hope that the love and care and time we put into these arrangements shines through.”

Once they landed on the concept of A Dream Away, no song from their back catalogue called to them faster than “If I Told You This Was Killing Me, Would You Stop?” “Every night we were playing these songs that people knew but they were in a format that we had never done before and that is what was so interesting to me about it. It was really cool to watch the expression on people’s faces when we started our set and they weren’t necessarily sure what song it was just yet and then to see that spark of recognition and excitement when ‘Watch Your Mouth!’ came in. Everyone was singing along by the third word,” Detar remembers. “That tour was the foundation for this record.”

Along with the reimagined versions — the full track-list can be found below — The Juliana Theory have confirmed that their 2021 release, “Better Now,” will be included on the album, while their initial comeback single, “Can’t Go Home,” will not.


Juliana theory


Side A
1. “Better Now”
2. “Into The Dark (Reimagined)”
3. “Is Patience Still Waiting? (Reimagined)”
4. “We’re At The Top Of The World (Reimagined)”

Side B
5. “If I Told You This Was Killing, Me Would You Stop? (Reimagined)”
6. “Bring It Low (Reimagined)”
7. “Constellation (Reimagined)”
8. “Duane Joseph (Reimagined)”