Dan Campbell has made a name for himself through The Wonder Years and Aaron West and the Roaring Twenties, having proven himself as an undeniably supreme songwriter. He approaches all of his songs as stories, focusing on radical sincerity; having proven he’s an expert on translating life’s most complex and beautiful into unifying songs across genres.

Today, Campbell has released his debut solo single, “When I Face Into the Wind,” which can be heard below. It’s the product of a project that started in the early days of quarantine. In a bid for purpose and structure, Dan began writing songs for and about people––learning about their lives, endlessly asking after details, and of course, telling their stories.

I got really attached,” Campbell explains of the story that inspired this song. “Two people fell in love, first in the summer on train bridge, and then in the winter in an abandoned schoolhouse, and finally at a place of their own with their daughter.”

“When I Face Into The Window” features Ace Enders on keys, Daniel Radin on bass and additional guitar, Kristine Kruta on cello, Maria Im on violin, Joe Junod on trumpet, and the voice of Robin Gazzara.