Last weekend’s SNL evening of sketches was hosted by Tina Fey, which brought a lot of interesting content for the evening of comedy. One of the sketches was a fun, musical and hilarious parody of the band of the HAIM sisters – played by Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon.

The sketch starts with the three girls in a bar, as mildly dramatic things start to happen to them and then they create high-energy songs about them on stage. The whole premise of the parody song is to show how the three sisters are supporting each other, no matter how small the problem is. While wearing retro glasses against 70’s style lighting the actresses sing,”When my sister has been burned, no burn goes too far.”

The three actresses poked fun at the sister’s songs about empowerment and girl power by adding goofiness and exaggeration. The main chorus sings, “I’m going to lift you up while tearing them down,” as the girls explain the ways in which they’ll stick together no matter what or who is the issue.

The sketch ends with none other than Nicki Minaj, last weekend’s musical guest, coming by to the women at the bar table. Minaj right away goes into the last verse of the song with a fast-paced rap about how she will stick by the girls as well, rapping, “It’s Minaj, Aidy, Kate and Tina Fey.”

The band actually was surprised but also amused by the sketch, as shown through their tweets on social media.