Pop-punk veterans New Found Glory are hands down one of the catchiest bands to ever create within the genre. Somehow, time has not had an effect on the band’s ability to write youthful hits with infectious hooks, and their newest single—20 years into their storied career—is further evidence of this. “Happy Being Miserable” is a posi-jump-inducing earworm with a chorus that is sure to invade your mind for weeks on end. The song is taken from New Found Glory’s upcoming ninth LP, Makes Me Sick, which will be out on April 28 through Hopeless Records.

The Max Moore-directed video for NFG’s new track really takes the title of their upcoming album to heart (and stomach). It seems predictable, especially if you’re familiar with the “Lardass” pie-eating scene from 1986’s Stand By Me, but if you know New Found Glory, then you know that a purely faithful remake wasn’t going to be enough.

“It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take the iconic scene from Stand By Me and give it our own spin,” the band says on Facebook. “Or maybe we just wanted to show that all bad situations can have a redemptive outcome if you let it. Are you just gonna let life puke all over you? Or are you gonna look beyond yourself, pull people together, and celebrate being alive?

We’ll let you experience the outcome for yourselves. Enjoy.

Makes Me Sick is available for pre-order now in a variety of bundles and formats.