While Passion Pit is perhaps most well known for their hit songs like “Sleepyhead” and “Take A Walk,” the band is so much more than just a couple good singles. There was the release of their album Kindred in 2015, and now frontman Michael Angelakos has expanded even further. As first reported by Mashable earlier this week, Angelakos has founded a company called The Wishart Group with the goal of providing a variety of support services for artists. Along with this news, Angelakos has also given us three new songs, “Somewhere Up There,” “Inner Dialogue,” and “I’m Perfect.”

From the Mashable report, The Wishart Group will give musicians access to legal, educational and healthcare services, with mental health being the primary concern. We here find this to be fantastic news, as any service to help people take care of themselves and get any additional care they need is a worthy cause in our eyes.

Meanwhile, the three new songs are very different, but all fantastic in their own way. “Inner Dialogue” is a short, heavily electronic instrumental that’s loaded with percussion. On the other hand, “Somewhere Up There” is a six-minute odyssey of bouncing and boisterous synths with Angelakos displaying his falsetto, along with a couple spoken word sections. The newest of the three, which was released today, is a bright, upbeat pop cut that’s the shortest of the three but has definite replay value. You can listen to all three tracks below: