Up and coming rock bands are a dime a dozen these days. Go to any music discovery app, enter any city, and within seconds you will be inundated by content from bands you probably never knew existed. Some could say this market saturation is bad for artists, but we’ve always found the fiercest competition makes for better output. Just ask Selfish Things, the latest Canadian rock band you need to know.

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to Selfish Things with the world premiere of their lyric video for “Hangman,” a crunchy rock song you won’t soon forget. The track speaks to the recognition that life is what you make it, and that nine times out of ten you are things standing in your own way. It’s only through learning these lessons in life that we can truly begin to excel, and from what we can tell that is Selfish Things’ biggest goal. They want to help you live a better life and if a career comes from that – great.

You can experience “Hangman” in full at the top of this post.

Speaking to Substream about the creation of “Hangman,” Alex Biro of Selfish Things told us:

While we were working on the EP in Florida I was coming to terms with a lot of different forces that were present in my life. I’d always struggled to deal with the anger I’d felt toward the world/humanity, I guess, and could never really figure out where all of the resentment came from. Hangman was the result of me sorting my motivations out. Accepting that the world that you don’t like is only being perpetuated (and in large part) created by the bed you’ve made for yourself. If you aren’t happy with the way things are in the present, it’s probably because you don’t like the person you’ve become in the first place.”

Selfish Things have a busy fall ahead, including a run of shows supporting Simple Plan. For more information on the band’s upcoming shows and music please make it a point to follow them on Facebook. You can also follow Substream on Twitter for updates.