I talk a lot about how much power I find in the quiet restraint of tumultuous and tortured indie-rock, but I don’t think that I’ve sung the proper praise for the kind of impact that can be left by an harsh and emotionally guttural delivery. I grew up in a world dominated by some of the cheesier acts in post-hardcore — the A Day To Remember’s and A Skylit Drives were housed in my silver iPod nano for an embarrassing amount of time, but they made for an seamless transition into acts like the emotionally ravenous La Dispute or the shouty and raucous energy of Touche Amore. Today, I’m stoked to introduce y’all to a band that sits firmly in the middle of everything that I love about post-hardcore. It’s time that y’all get familiar with the powerhouse that is Eyes On Satellites.

The band employs the same bruised and broken vocals that make the latter era of post-hardcore feel so resonant, but they’re also not afraid to come at you with a hook that’s so well-written that it lingers in your head for days. They’ll release a new EP called The Illuminator on April 6 that’s packed full of emotional turmoil and high-flying hooks packed with enough bite that they’re bound to leave a mark. I couldn’t be more stoked to share the first song from this incredible EP with y’all — the stark and powerful “She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Butterflies.”

There’s a rush that comes from the contrasting start to “She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings.” The soft and subtle musicality collapses under the ferocity and pressure of an emotionally charged delivery of the lyrics “Let me be/Pull my harder ’til my heartstrings break/I’m finding it harder and harder to take” and you can’t help but to crumble alongside it. If you’re anything like me, your bound to get swept up in every listen — often finding yourself angrily singing along to that biting hook of “Sifting through the ashes of a memory I know I can’t erase/I’m finding it harder and harder to take.

When asked about the track, vocalist Dave Longval says: “We all want to find our flame, something we can be proud of, this song is about just that and how hard it is to get there.”

You can stream “She Bends Her Arms To Look Like Wings” above. The Illuminator is out April 6th. Snag your copy of the record here.