There’s something almost mythical about the allure of travel in our culture. The idea of leaving behind what you have and venturing out to see what’s out there has gripped us since the beginning of time. With the dawn of our modern culture, that romanticism is focused on traversing our highways and backroads in a trusty car. Toronto band Run Coyote was gripped by that feeling while on their last tour and decided to write a song about it. That song is “Night Rider,” and it’s premiering right here on Substream.

“Night Rider” is built on an ultra-smooth bed of guitar and a simple percussion line. The repetition in that initial sound feels like watching the mile markers sail past you as you drive by them. There are a bunch of groovy hooks and flairs that are added on top of this sound, all of which are captivating in their own way. The instrumental combines perfectly with the lyrics, which are a love letter to that sense of wanderlust that grips us and some of the iconic travel imagery in our culture. It’s hard to not want to jump into your car while listening to “Night Rider.”

Run Coyote explained the origin of the track to us, saying “This song was inspired but countless hours spent on the road, driving home from shows in the early morning hours on deserted highways. That experience gave me this wild sense of freedom, so that’s the story I wanted to write; one about a guy working late hours and drifting between his job, his family, and the pull of adventure.”

You can listen to “Night Rider” below.