On some level, kitchens are designed to get a little bit messy. Cooking is fun, but when you’re dealing with food there comes a certain level of messiness. Bits of vegetables you don’t need, utensils you’ve set aside before washing them, and any bit of splatter from some overzealous stirring can all occur. It’s satisfying to clean up the mess, but it might be more satisfying to make it. That’s the attitude LA shoegaze band Snowball ii has taken. The band-headed by Jackson Wargo–are premiering the video for their single “Lost in Juarez” here on Substream this afternoon.

“Lost in Juarez” takes place in a tiny home kitchen, and there’s not a lot of room to maneuver. Besides being covered in the usual array of utensils and supplies, there are also five people and band equipment crammed into the space. The person who is presumably the protagonist sits on the floor surrounded by the band, looking pretty bummed out. As the video progresses they cry, hug a very cute cat, and try to make a sandwich. The band sways and performs with their usual energy, which includes a few instances of flying lettuce. The execution here is impressive considering the lack of space for a camera to get into the mix. Still, “Lost in Juarez” features a music video that utilizes this small space and shoots an impressive number of angles.

“Lost in Juarez” is taken from Snowball ii’s recent EP Eaton Super 10, released in April through Doughnut Records. You can watch the music video for “Lost in Juarez” below.