LA-based dreampop band NIGHTJACKET have released a new single, “You’re Trying Too Hard”. Premiered Monday via Stereogum, “You’re Trying Too Hard” is the second track to be lifted from their forthcoming debut album, Beauty In The Dark (out May 31), and is an ode to pushing the boundaries within a relationship. The dreampop-esque single incorporates shimmery guitars and reverb-soaked vocals for an ethereal experience. Listen below.

“Sometimes, the harder the push, the further you‘ll run,” singer Holland Belle said of the song in a recent press release. “’You’re Trying Too Hard’ is our sly little nod to that; to that love that was sweet until it pushed so hard it went off the edge.”

It is now known that at least some of the song’s (and the album’s) inspiration came from real-life events— the whirlwind romance that saw frontwoman Holland Belle moving across the world, heart racing, to chase after who she thought was the love of her life. “I met with [guitarist/co-founder] Jordan [Wiggins] and told him that I had to give Berlin a shot, but I didn’t want to lose the band. I was afraid he’d be done with it but he was so supportive. I had even more faith in the project after that moment.” While she didn’t share many specifics about how the cross-world romance turned out, she did say this:

“Love’s a journey, and sometimes it doesn’t give you what you want. It was a whirlwind year but I wouldn’t take back any of it. If there’s anything you should fight for, it’s love. And in the end, heartbreak made all of us stronger. And we created some beautiful fucking music.”

And create they did. Along with the single, they are gearing up to release their debut album, Beauty In The Dark. Scheduled for release May 31, . Beauty In The Dark is available for pre-order here.

‘Beauty In The Dark’ track listing:
I Can’t Believe
Pink and Yellow Roses
You’re Trying Too Hard
Touch Me With Your Lies
Hand On My Heart
Burn It From Your Mind
Fall On Me Now
Waking Up With You
It’s The End
C’mon, Can You See Me?