An important part of life is knowing when to move on from something. On the lighter side, this can be abandoning a television series or book you’re spending time on but isn’t grabbing you. On a more important scale, this includes identifying jobs, situations, and people in your life who are detrimental to you and having the strength to change direction in the name of your health. This is tough! It takes a lot of courage to do. If you need some emotional backup in making those moves, Toronto’s Bedhead (the performance moniker of Veronica Racanelli) has you covered. Today, she’s releasing her new track “Fight No More” about just such a situation, and we’re thrilled to have the premiere on Substream.

“Fight No More” is synth-pop through and through, with a series of production tools and synths swirling around to create the sound. That doesn’t mean there’s no teeth to it, though. Some of the synths contain a definite heft to them, and Bedhead sings with purpose and directness throughout. The title refers to her desire to move past the fighting and instead get on with her life in a positive manner. While she’s definitely serious in addressing the gravity of such a choice, the brightness and energy of “Fight No More” keeps a ray of hope present throughout the track.

“Fight No More” came from a deeply personal place for Bedhead. She explains:

“I started writing ‘Fight No More’ a couple summers ago during a really low point in my life; I found myself feeling incredibly overwhelmed and frustrated with my depression. I had been stuck in this headspace that felt like it would never end, even after years of treatment. Suddenly, something just snapped. Enough was enough. I said ‘fuck this,’ and ‘Fight No More’ was born. This song is about the sudden realization that you are ready to leave some part of your old life behind; whether it be a toxic relationship with someone else, or with your own self. It’s the frustration and triumph, the pain and the conviction to overcome it.”

You can listen to Bedhead’s new single “Fight No More.” Keep up with Bedhead on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.