We’ve all had people in our lives who are hard to fully understand. They hide their emotions, change moods on a whim, and are generally hard to read. It’s no good when that person is someone you’re in a relationship with. A healthy relationship should include open communication and honesty, and it can be damaging when one party refuses to give their part of the conversation. At the same time, they often contain a magnetism that makes it difficult to not get drawn in. Toronto artist Freddie Future has fought that battle himself. He details the struggles in his new single “Giving In To You,” premiering today on Substream.

Future is a master of electro-pop, with the hazy synths immediately painting the mood as one of heartbreak. Still, there’s just a touch of sweetness in the music that embodies the appeal of this person. Future is trying hard to figure out what’s going on in the lyrics, and his effortlessly expressive voice brims with the pain of getting put on the back burner and not knowing why. “Is that what I get for giving in to you?” he asks in the chorus, and the pulsing synths only enhance the dejection he feels. “Giving In To You” conveys a strong feeling of hurt we’ve all felt, and does so in an immaculately constructed package.

Future gave an explanation of the type of relationship “Giving In To You” is about, saying:

“The unhealthy relationships we sometimes return to because they are comfortable and familiar. Every time we go back, we end up getting burned and we’ve known the outcome from the start. We work so hard in keeping them afloat but we have to know when to walk away. We pour so much of ourselves into these inevitably unproductive relationships as many of us do, and like myself, we are hopeless romantics that believe in the idea of love. However, It’s important to differentiate the idea of love from authentic love with another person that is healthy and mutually rewarding.”

You can listen to Freddie Future’s new single “Giving In To You” below.