Part of what I think makes Bogues so special is that they seem to just know when its the perfect time to strike. To this point, their traditionally stripped-down production and masterfully somber approach to songwriting paired well with the brittle chill of late Winter. That sparsity is what allowed for the power and warmth of Gruenewald’s voice to resonate with even passive listeners — forging connections with them before they’ve even had a second to think about, let alone digest, any of the lyrical content being hurled their way. Last year, I felt honored to share Life, Slowlya release that tackled the disruption that comes with change, i.e. relationships coming to a close, moving away from home, and trying to find the best in experiences that are hauntingly foreign. Earlier this year, we teamed up to share the stark and beautiful one-off single, “A Long Goodbye.” This single felt like a necessary reflection on the aftermath of the events that shaped Life, Slowly, and seemed to be the best way for Gruenewald to indicate that he was ready to try and find some light.

It’s been nearly six months, but we’re back with yet another masterpiece from the Bogues camp. Today, I’m excited to share “Union Springs,” the first single from Bogues upcoming record, Paint All The Walls The Same. One of the first things you’ll notice about the track is that it doesn’t sound as paired down as what we’ve come to expect from Gruenewald. While it’s certainly not a far cry from his previous work, there’s something about “Union Springs” that feels full of life. It’s robust and inviting, like the warm tones of the changing leaves. By the time the vocals kick in, you’re in full surrender to whatever journey we’re about to be taken on. In true Bogues fashion, the lyrics paint a vivid and personal picture that almost brings you to the moment the song was written about.

From the second you hear him sing, “Got out of my car just south of the union. Old tire marks, guess we’d been arguing. Saw the whole thing playing in slow motion, but I really put some time into getting past it,” you become a passive observer. A fly on the wall watching the events unfold in front of you and knowing there’s not a thing that you can do to change them. Paint All The Walls The Same is out November 1st, with a release show happening on November 2nd. You can find more information on that show and stream a brand new song called “Union Springs” below.