If you weren’t aware, we’re getting a new iteration of seminal spy classic Charlie’s Angels this November. This one is directed by Elizabeth Banks and stars Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska as the titular agents. A team-up of that magnitude deserves a similar musical treatment. Ever since the trailer dropped in June, we’ve known that pop superstars Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Rey would be releasing a companion track to the film together. The day fans of the trio have been waiting for has arrived, as this morning they dropped the new single “Don’t Call Me Angel” alongside a music video.

“Don’t Call Me Angel” faces a tall order cramming so much talent into just three minutes, but everyone involved is up to the track. Anchored by a suitably action movie drive in the production from Max Martin and Ilya, the three stars go to work. Each woman gets a chance to showcase their style, from Grande’s impressive range to Cyrus’s palpable drive and energy. The track even slows down at the bridge to allow Del Rey to thrive in her natural element. That each of these sections blends into a cohesive whole is a testament to the production and the writing, which all three of the stars were involved in. The music video features the trio doing cool spy things, with Cyrus interrogating an enemy, Grande hanging out in a gorgeous mansion, and Del Rey handling all the spy tech.

You can watch both the video for “Don’t Call Me Angel” and the trailer for Charlie’s Angels below. The soundtrack for the movie drops on November 1, followed by the movie’s release two weeks later on November 15.