Alright, so we’re a day late. Sue us. Honestly, can you blame us with all of…*gestures aimlessly to the outside*…that going on? It’s a miracle we all made it through another week.

Rock on, baby. Rock and roll never dies even if the rest of the world seemingly is. But hey, we might as well go out with some new tunes, eh?

If you’re asking yourself why you’re reading this intro still, or why I wrote this, that’s a fair question and I’ve got no good explanation for either of us. Last week‘s Take 5 was fun, and in case you missed any so far, you can always head here to catch up. Let’s see what we’ve got in store for you this week.

Bartees Strange – “Kelly Rowland

If you’ve been sleeping on Bartees Strange, it’s time to wake up. No, really — I mean it. Bartees has been releasing tunes that have since caught the eye of nearly everyone, including Hayley Williams. There’s a reason for that: Bartees is eclectic in the most rational sense of the word, ranging from indie-rock, acoustic, post-punk, and everything in between. Even if you don’t like every song he releases, you’ll undoubtedly respect his work and find something along the way you’ll have on repeat.

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – “Razzmatazz

A band that never disappoints, iDKHOW is another one that you certainly need to know. While the band only consists of Dallon Weekes and Ryan Seaman, you’d never guess that it was just 2 guys crafting the tunes that they release. The ideas behind the band and songs are all over the place, with a centralized story backing the existence of the band. But hey, if you’re only here for the music and not the story, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself just fine. “Razzmatazz” is the title-track from their new album due out on October 16th via Fearless Records — pre-order it here. Trust us, it’s good.

Josey Greenwell – “Fiesta for Two (feat. K-Iero)”

Josey Greenwell has been releasing music for a vast portion of his life, and earlier this year began releasing their first new music in over ten years. This came after Greenwell put their music career on pause to move to NYC and pursue their career in fitness. After turning into one of the most prominent fitness instructors in the city, a return to music was necessary — and we’re all better off with that. “Fiesta for Two” is the most recent single from Greenwell, bringing in latin influences to their already wide-ranging set of skills.

Elder Brother – “Projector

If there’s one genre of music I love more than others, it would be 90’s music. I know, sure, “90’s music” isn’t a genre of music. I hear you. But there’s a distinct difference between 90’s alt-rock (Third Eye Blind, Oasis, Matchbox Twenty) and today’s alt-rock (Walk the Moon, Imagine Dragons) — and that’s what I mean, ya know? Even if you don’t, listen to Elder Brother’s latest single, “Projector,” and you’ll figure it out. The band tapped into their influences in ways they haven’t before, writing a song that wouldn’t be better if The Wallflowers wrote it themselves.

We the Kings – “These Nights

I know what you’re thinking: “We the Kings????” — yes, We the Kings. We’re over a decade removed from “Check Yes, Juliet” and their Demi Lovato collab “We’ll Be A Dream” — remember when every pop-punk band had that song? Looking at you, Boys Like Girls and All Time Low — but We the Kings is still going strong. “These Nights” is a classic We the Kings sounding song and is driven by the feeling of missing friends and concerts. Who can’t relate to that?