With just a few weeks to go until the release of their new album Big Vibe (due out on October 16th via Pure Noise Records), Seaway have unveiled another new single today, “Still Blue.”

“Still Blue” follows the previously released title-track and “Wild Things,” which helped usher in a new era of Seaway. An era that all but lets go of the straight-forward pop-punk sound they had crafted; instead, focusing on big hooks and a bigger attitude to deliver something different.

‘Still Blue’ has been a favourite of mine from the record since we started it. It evolved a lot in the studio but each time got better and better,” says Seaway vocalist Ryan Locke. “It’s about investing yourself into something so heavily and not always seeing that energy returned or reciprocated. That feeling can obviously come in many forms.

He continues: “We let our close friend and long time collaborator Miguel and DP Christoph Benfey really run with the visuals on this one. The concept is a happy fun drug trip and the different paths it can take but the guys really put their own spin on it with camera and editing technique. Have a safe trip!”

Listen to “Still Blue” below and pre-order Big Vibe here.




  1. Brain In a Jar
  2. Big Vibe
  3. Mrs. David
  4. Still Blue
  5. Wild Things
  6. Pathetic
  7. Sweet Sugar
  8. Peach
  9. If You Let Me
  10. Wicked
  11. Sick Puppy