Here at Substream we have been eagerly waiting for more new music from Seaway since they announced Big Vibe last month and shared the title-track. Today, Seaway have blessed us — and you — with another new single, “Wild Things.”

Big Vibe is due out on October 16th via Pure Noise Records, and is a collection of guitar-driven songs with big hooks and an even bigger attitude. “Wild Things,” the second song released from the record, shows that Seaway have diversified their sound and are ready to show it off.

Going into writing Wild Things we knew that this song would lean more heavily on the indie pop influences,” says vocalist Ryan Locke.  “It came together a bit later in the process, I think with a song like this it had to breathe a bit so we could figure out where it was going to go.”

Pre-orders for Big Vibe can be found here.




  1. Brain In a Jar
  2. Big Vibe
  3. Mrs. David
  4. Still Blue
  5. Wild Things
  6. Pathetic
  7. Sweet Sugar
  8. Peach
  9. If You Let Me
  10. Wicked
  11. Sick Puppy