Hailing from Katy, Texas and now based in Los Angeles, the rapidly ascending and multi-talented Dende has shared his first release of the year: the 3-song EP  Wish You Were Here, which is out now.

Drawing inspiration from a recent journey to the UK and the process of missing his lover back at home, Dende showcases his musical talent across a tapestry of seamlessly interwoven tracks, produced by Dan Diggas, Henry Was, and his longtime collaborator and CXR cohort, Billy Blunt.

Billy and I pride ourselves on making better music every time we release. I’m happy to say we for sure did it again,” Dende says. “This 3 pack is about being overseas and missing someone I loved while working on something else I love. A short story to introduce a much longer one. Wish You Were Here.”

Last year, Dende made a meteoric impact on the music scene with the successive release of two projects: his EP Before We Crash and his album ‘95 Civic. These endeavors collectively garnered over 6 million streams across various DSPs and featured one of the most viewed UPROXX Live Performances. Additionally, the accompanying visuals for his viral tracks “Nightmares” and “Better Than Him” amassed over 200,000 views on YouTube and each garnered over 1 million streams on Spotify. 

Raised in the Southern church under the guidance of a preacher father, Dende was molded into the soulful storyteller and singer he embodies today. His music reflects a genuine portrayal of his life’s experiences and those of his close friends, offering an authentic perspective on overcoming life’s obstacles. Infusing a modern twist into early 2000s style R&B, Dende’s music resonates deeply with listeners, presenting his narratives in an unadulterated manner for the world to absorb.


Dende wish you artwork


  1. Your Intro (Produced by Billy Blunt & Henry Was)
  2. Slide ft. J Warner (Produced by Dan Diggas & Billy Blunt) 
  3. Jigsaw (Produced by Billy Blunt)