Roja showcase their modern Mariachi music in video for “The Evil Stands High”

The Liverpool-based indie Mariachi band Roja (which actually evolved from a previous, post-grunge project) are truly something to behold. If you’re familiar with Mariachi El Bronx, Mariachi music in general, or maybe even some Reggae/ska-type sounds that incorporate horns, Roja won’t be completely foreign to your ears, but the band really does bring more indie rock, alternative, and even theatrical elements to the formula that essentially sets it apart from any of the aforementioned references.

The band’s most recent single, “The Evil Stands High,” is a tad dreary but equally catchy and interesting with its well-produced arrangement that includes violin, trumpet, and more. The Animal Farm-produced video for the track is mostly simple (black and white location performance with minimal effects) but highlights the talent from the band’s members with ease.

Check out the visuals below:

More info on Roja can be found on their website and socials here.