Have you ever felt truly unconditional love? It’s a sensation that starts in the pit of your stomach and then bubbles over, leaving your entire body feeling awash with a warmth that it just can’t shake — truly, this is the closest that you’ll ever be to true euphoria. Because of this, when unconditional love gives way to cold shoulders and empty beds, it can feel like everything has started to cave in on itself. There’s dust where their head used to lie and you start to miss the faint sound of shallow, sleepy breaths next to you. It’s hell to be reminded of what used to feel like heaven, and Hemingway captures that sentiment perfectly on “Spoon.”

The music video does something interesting with the track by opting to take this bittersweet love song and shift the focus from that of another person to a dog. It’s a montage of the moments that showcase the kind of unconditional love that exists in the bond between dogs and people, and it’s hard not to get swept up in something that is so simple. At least it’s a steadfast distraction from the devastating blow of the lyrics “who ever taught you to run? who ever taught you to go? I never thought it be you. I never thought it be. and now you’re running from me.

Watch the music video above. “Spoon” comes from Hemingway’s Enjoy Your Life, which is out now on Counter Intuitive Records.