I’m starting to think that Andrew de Torres might have been born with the Midas touch. For the last decade, he’s been able to stumble into any genre of music that he wants and the results are a golden and shimmering example of his incredible and undeniable gift for craftsmanship. He’s adopted a new moniker, KAPTAN, which given his storied career, fits a little too well. With the name came this bombastic new energy that sounds like every good vibe on the planet had been bottled up to the point that it was starting to spill over. Today, I’m excited to bring you an exclusive stream of a brand new song called “Moving On.”

The song is a testament to KAPTAN’s perseverance and lives in the kind of hi-fi 80’s pop vein that Bleacher’s Strange Desire and Carly Rae Jepsen’s E-mo-tion record exist in. This means that its three-minute runtime feels like a vacation in the purest pop heaven, with a chorus that soars at the highest of highs thanks to a moment of empowerment that sees de Torres singing “We won’t stop ’til we get what we need/drive for hours down a road to nowhere/keep on movin’ on, movin’ on, movin’ on.

When asked to speak about the song, KAPTAN said: “During the time that I had started this project I found myself facing a lot of really difficult obstacles, most of them still very present in my life. This is why I lean a little more towards writing about focusing on the positive things that are happening around all of us.”

He continues: “It’s so easy to forget and so important to remember that sometimes we just have to pick ourselves up and move on.” You can stream “Moving On” below.

Moving On will be available October 27th on South X Sea Records.