It’s been far too long since we’ve heard from Skott, the Scandinavian pop songstress who propelled herself to the throne in 2016 with a collection of excellent singles. Luckily for us, she has returned with another gem for us to start 2017, the colossal “Glitter & Gloss.”

This track is arguably Skott’s most radio friendly to date, with a distorted horn providing flavor on top of a bass-heavy, pop anthem beat. While the title is “Glitter & Gloss,” the song is about looking past the surface to see things how they truly are, without the glamour. “We’re a picture-perfect oddity,” Skott sings on the chorus, her voice as captivating as ever.

Listen and be blown away now:

“Glitter & Gloss” can be purchased through iTunes. With five songs now out into the world, Skott is working her way towards having enough material for a full album. Here’s hoping that day comes soon.