Engine Summer has a sound that can only be described as indie. They pull reference from every facet of the term; from their early-aughts Modest Mouse meets Franz Ferdinand vocal delivery to the no-frills, stop before it feels forced approach that they take to songwriting. That’s something that very few bands can pull off, and honestly, it feels refreshing in an age where seven-minute-long songs are something that nobody even blinks an eye at anymore. The band is gearing up to self-release their new album, Trophy Kids, on October 31st and I’m excited to share the music video for the title track with y’all today.

The song and video clock in at a mere 55 seconds, but in that time, Engine Summer has somehow managed to perfectly communicate everything that you need to know about this band. Brevity? Check. Strangely charming vocals? Check. 55 seconds of DIY, shoot it yourself montage-y greatness? Also, check. The music video for “Trophy Kids” can be seen above.

Engine Summer, Trophy Kids Art

Trophy Kids is out 10/31. Pre-order the record here.