Pacific Radio makes the kind of rock music that really puts a strut in your step when you hear it. It’s that kind of fuzzy and crunchy guitar pop that oozes machismo in a way that you can’t help but feel absorbed by. Today, we’re sharing the brand new music video for a song called “Camaro,” which comes from their new record, Pretty, but Killing Me, and it feels a lot like red album era Weezer. It’s big and hooky power-pop that will immediately carve out space in your head and leave you singing along before you even know that you know the words.

The music video is a montage of moments on tour; public outings and sweaty, high-energy performances that truly capture the essence of Pacific Radio. When asked about “Camaro,” the band said: “Camaro’s the sexy song, it’s triggered more makeouts than a middle school dance floor.” They continue, “The video was cut from our west coast tour. It’s always fun to come back and rifle through the footage and relive the craziness.” That said, the music video is a lot of fun to watch, and the undeniably carefree and fun attitude of the track will have you coming back whenever you need a good strut or two.

The music video for “Camaro” can be seen above.

Pacific Radio Artwork

Pretty, but Killing Me is out December 8th. Pre-order your copy here.