With beautiful animation and unforgettable melody, Zero Theorem makes an argument for being your new favorite band with their video for “Swarm.”

Spoiler alert: Suffering is inevitable. Philosophers tell us the key to enjoying existence is accepting that suffering is an essential part of the experience. You can’t have happiness without sadness, and you cannot hope to grow if you never face a challenge. If we can accept that as truth, then we can become anyone and anything we desire, and Zero Theorem wants to be the next band that changes your life.

Blending science fiction with heavy music in a way that never feels forced, Zero Theorem captures the big picture of being by focusing on the minutia of life. Their songs aim for emotions we all experience and leverage them to make statements about the flaws in our way of thinking. They stop short of claiming to know the way the world should be, but they make it clear that we are meant for more than rough lives of labor and strife. Human Beings are capable of so much more than we realize, and thanks to songs like “Swarm,” we are becoming more aware of that fact with each passing day.

Vocalist Caesar explains: “Swarm” highlights the struggle between authenticity and blissful ignorance. The song grimly mocks the overly self-indulgent who choose lives of carefree superficiality. However, the critique isn’t about dwelling on the negative or embracing cynicism but rather facing our challenges with a realistic and constructive attitude. Although written and produced before the recent worldwide pandemic, economic crisis, and protests against racial injustice, the song’s lyrics and subtext seem especially poignant at this moment. Our Art Director and Animator Lubomir Atan did a wonderful job of capturing the imagery of the song.”

He continues: “One of the major themes throughout The Killing recordings is that suffering is inherent to life itself. Try what you will, but it’s going to get you one way or another. Denial may work for some, but it’s not a viable solution for us all, especially given the complexity of today’s world. We believe recognition and action are the way forward. That’s how we’ll grow stronger and happier as a species.”

You can view the video for “Swarm” below.

At a time when the world is at its most chaotic, “Swarm” is the perfect expression of our collective frustrations. It’s the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic that a rock band has encapsulated the feeling of rage and lack of control many are experiencing around the world. So many of us know what needs to happen to make this planet better, at least in the short term, but no matter how much we scream and post online, countless others continue to do wrong. Or worse, they do nothing at all.

It’s easy to envy those who go through life without care or concern for the fire all around us. Such blissful ignorance is as much a gift to those that possess it as it is a curse to everyone else. However, I would rather be aware of myself and the world around me. Those that lack awareness are missing out on a crucial element of existence. Food doesn’t taste as good when you’re not self-aware, and art doesn’t hit you the same way. The suffering of life is okay by me as long as more rock songs like “Swarm” come with it. Bring on the pain, baby. Bring it on.