The Gin Blossoms released perfectly orchestrated pop-rock songs during their insanely successful career. Rock band The Black Moods hail from Arizona as well, and vocalist/guitarist Josh Kennedy even was Gin Blossoms’ guitar tech on tour. Prettay prettay cool. While you can’t go to a 90s themed bash without hearing “Follow You Down” or “Hey Jealousy,” these five GB songs often fall under the radar, and we’re here to change that. I had a chance to talk with Josh, drummer Chico Diaz, and bassist Jordan Hoffman.

  1. “Angels Tonight” (1991)

SW: We’re starting with a deep cut. Very punk rock, boys.

JK: It’s off the band’s 1991 EP Up And Crumbling which came out just before New Miserable Experience came out. Very clever lyrics from the back road poet, Doug Hopkins.

CD: I never heard this song.

JH: Same.

  1. “Keli Richards” (1991)

SW: And the band members continue to prove how punk rock they are by choosing another song from this rare EP…

JK: Being from Missouri, I only knew of the band’s full-length records. When I first heard this EP, I was blown away by this rocker. More clever lyrics from the back road poet, Doug Hopkins.

CD: I never heard this song but I heard it’s about a porn star.

JH: Same. We toured with Gin Blossoms, but we never saw any porn stars.

  1. “Hold Me Down” (1992)

SW: I’m married so porn stars can’t hold me down anymore.

JK: This song is from the band’s major label debut New Miserable Experience. No matter where you are when you listen this song, you feel like you’re transported to a party that you should’ve left hours ago.

CD: I HAVE heard this song. The band played it every night on tour, and it became one of my favorites. The drums are huge and Keith Moon-ish.

JH: I haven’t… And I was on the same tour!

  1. “Day Job” (1996)

SW: Seems like you should be looking for another day job…

JK: “Day Job” is kick-ass and energetic opener to the band’s follow up record Congratulations I’m Sorry. It truly set the tone for the rest of the album and made me excited to listen to it.

CD: Sorry Blossoms, I never heard this song.

JH: I have! I agree with Josh. A killer opener.

  1. “Mrs. Rita” (1991)

SW: And now we’re closing this conversation with my favorite song on this list. Mrs. Rita, I love you.

JK: This song could’ve easily been a single. When I moved from Missouri to Arizona, Gin Blossoms were a staple of the state, and there’s a real Mrs. Rita locale in Tempe. The fan boy in me freaked out when I saw it, knowing that you could have a tarot reading with the real thing.

CD: I love this song’s chorus. I have heard it.

JH: Mrs. Rita was my lunch lady.

Adam Sandler would be proud. Here’s a Spotify playlist with these five songs in order from #1 to #5.

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