Little Hurt’s “Alaska” was already the song of summer 2020, and now the track has an equally excellent video.

With the state of the world right now, many are thinking about escape. Everyone wants to be somewhere they’re not with someone they love in a place that hasn’t heard of elections of COVID-19. It’s the perfect fantasy. The only problem is, no such place exists, and that’s where Little Hurt‘s infectious hit “Alaska” comes in.

A perfect song for dreaming of an impossible getaway, “Alaska,” captures the chaos of life. It’s a new take on the adage that no matter where you go, there you are, even if you end up in our most northern state. Your problems will wait for you, no matter how far you run, so you might as well face them and save yourself the gas money.

Premiering on Substream today, Little Hurt’s video for “Alaska” turns a hard truth into fun. The clip finds a photograph of frontman Colin Dieden coming to life and exploring the streets of a Californian city. As the song progresses, the moving image becomes a metaphor about how we are never really stuck. Life is an unstoppable sequence of events that are passing by us at every moment. The person we were yesterday, last week or even last year is history. All we have is right now, and all that matters is what we choose to do at the moment.

You can view the video below.

Speaking to the inspiration for the song, Colin Dieden says: “Alaska” was the second song I wrote after starting Little Hurt. It came from a deep desire to separate myself from some aspects of my past that I found painful. That feeling of wanting to throw away everything you’ve ever known and start again.”

Dieden says about the “Alaska” video: “This was such a fun video to make because it felt like we made a little Pixar film. I’m super attracted to making videos that are fun and make you smile. Not really interested in making “Cool Guy” AltRock videos, that stuff makes me a bit sleepy….”

He continues, “I’m very lucky to have an amazing director and DP that I work with (Kyle Vorbach & Skyler Bocciolatt, respectively). Kyle brought this concept to me, and I was immediately in love with it – we hope you like it!”

The video for “Alaska” is the latest step forward in the career of Little Hurt. The song has already found significant airplay while attracting a devoted following online. Still, the push for this video position Dieden’s project to (rightfully) become the next big thing to take the indie-pop scene by storm.