Salt Lake City’s enigmatic existential rock band Eidola have announced that they will be releasing their new album, Eviscerate, on April 12th via Blue Swan/Rise Records. Pre-orders can be found here.

The dynamically heavy and sorrowful Eviscerate is the follow up to their acclaimed album, The Architect. It continues to build on their genre-building decade of creating music that and to be insightful, explorative, and deeply emotional all at the same time — while underlining the urgency of the human condition and capturing the depth of sorrow, loss, and hatred in modernity.

Alongside the album announcement today, Eidola have released their new single “No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper,” which can be found below.

“It is a song that explores the depths of societal division and loathing, a song crying out to every lost soul in the overwhelming chaos of modernity. Inspired by watching a culture, brainwashed by social media, descend into depravity, deception, self-aggrandizement, and hate. A commentary on what it’s like to witness people tear each other apart from the inside out.” says Eidola’s Andrew Michael Wells.

“The video for No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper was a concept I envisioned from a dream I had where  I was sword-fighting a sleep paralysis demon, phasing in and out of a meditation state. Mason Wright, Brian Caudill, and DC at Blvckbox Studios in Las Vegas were incredible to work with. We love and respect their work ethic as it’s identical to our own. They took my vision and stopped at nothing to turn it into reality. The hours were long, the scenes were hard, but in the end it paid off and we ended up with something we are incredibly proud of.” says Andrew Michael Wells

Eidola brought Mike Sahm on as the producer for their 13 song album. “We spent our downtime completely immersed in our desire to push our own limitations” says Wells. “We wanted to take the concepts of this project and double down on the things we felt were most ambitious and exploratory. While keeping our core sound, we chose to experiment with a new producer, 7 string guitars, deep drop tunings, and lean into the violence and loss in our lyrical content.”  


Eidola eviscerate art


  1. Atman- An Introduction To Suffering
  2. A Bridge Of Iron And Blood
  3. No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper
  4. Who Of You Will Persevere
  5. The Weight Of Sin
  6. He Who Pulls The Strings Ties A Knot
  7. Fistful Of Hornets
  8. God Takes Away Everything
  9. Ziggurat
  10. Ashes In Gehinnom
  11. Golgotha Compendium- Fith Temple
  12. Kali Yuga
  13. Ecclesiastes- The Burden Of Wisdom